Sunday, May 23, 2010

Summer Planning 2010

Our last day of school was Friday and by Friday afternoon, the girls were already "bored" ... not really, but just without any plans or direction. Because they are are 14 and 12, our daycare days are over, but they're still too young for summer jobs and we're not loaded enough to send them to camp every week.

Sure, there will be camp -- two separate weeks ... one in Texas and one here in Tennessee, and we've pre-paid for a vacation in Orlando to go to Disneyworld and Universal Studios where DD14 will be attending the Harry Potter "Infinitus" conference (a Christmas present).

And, at the suggestion of her coach (and me, but I don't count), Oldest DD has created some goals for the summer ... prepare to run a 5K at Halloween by running at least twice a week, read more pages than Youngest DD, post on her blog at least twice a week ... all worthwhile goals.

Now the Penelope mom in me kicks in and I think that each week must have a craft activity; a new recipe to try; a field trip to schedule and a social get-together. (They're both avid readers so each week will also include a trip to the Library for brain feeding as well.) So next up is to create the weekly calendar for the girls which I will post here this week.

DH is gaining traction with his work which means that he may or may not be available at any time so our planning must not be contingent upon his participation. Also, my work has been very taxing, so I must find a way to improve my GTD compliance so that my stress level remains low and I'm able to enjoy any time I get with the girls during the workday (I work from home so this is less difficult for me, but still requires planning).

How about you? What "plans" do you make for the Summer?

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  1. I commend you on "planning" ... our plans tend not to be that detailed ;-) ... we just got off our 1 week cruise, and that's about it for our summer ... other than working ... and hoping to go on another cruise at the end of October.